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Category: Industrial Robots

Creating a Business Case for Using Industrial Robots

Seeking Investment. Gaining investment approval can be challenging especially if the company has no previous experience of using industrial robots within the workplace. Companies often prioritise capital spending on sales and marketing initiatives, new product development, or increasing labour capacity, areas where they may have previous experience and gained successes. Therefore, typical reasons for rejecting…
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The Benefits of Using a Palletising Robot.

Versatility Industrial robots come in a wide range of sizes and payload capacities, ensuring you will find the right solution, no matter how challenging your palletising requirements. The nature of their compact design and ability to integrate into existing production lines means they can often operate within a small workspace.  Reduced Product Damage By utilising…
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Why Use Robots in Manufacturing?

Employee Safety Robots protect workers from repetitive, mundane, and dangerous tasks while creating more desirable jobs, such as production management, engineering programming, and equipment maintenance. Consistent Approach Once programmed robots will repeat a given task millions of times. They will not get distracted, need tea breaks or request a holiday. Automation is far more reliable than utilising…
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Choosing the Right Industrial Robot.

Selecting the Right Robot for your Application. Selecting the correct robot to match your exact requirements should be considered carefully before arriving at a decision. The following factors will have a bearing on your final choice of robot: – The type of environment the robot will operate under. The loads the robot will be expected…
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