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The Benefits of Using a Palletising Robot.

The Benefits of Using a Palletising Robot.


Industrial robots come in a wide range of sizes and payload capacities, ensuring you will find the right solution, no matter how challenging your palletising requirements. The nature of their compact design and ability to integrate into existing production lines means they can often operate within a small workspace. 

Reduced Product Damage

By utilising automation and setting pallet patterns, items are consistently placed in the exact required location each time, reducing the possibility of product damage. Resulting in improved product quality and better customer service due to reduced damaged claims and returns.

Manual Handling RSI

Implementing a robotic palletising system in your production area will greatly improve the working environment for the workforce. Workers will no longer be required to continually manually load products onto pallets, which in turn will significantly reduce the risk of RSI claims being made against the company.

Production Line Efficiency

Faster cycle times are achievable by using a Palletising Robot and their ability to be ever-ready, with no tea breaks or holidays. Removing unplanned downtimes due to staff sickness will also improve product throughputs and have a positive effect on profits.

Due to improved efficiency, the robot palletiser may no-longer be busy all the time. This being the case sometimes offers the option for the palletiser to serve more than one production line, greatly increasing ROI.

Low Maintenance

Robot palletisers are designed to operate for long hours with minimal maintenance. They have been around for over 30 years so the hardware has been fully tried and tested in the work environment.

Pallet Pattern software

Some robot palletisers come with built-in pallet pattern software, which helps with creating optimal pallet pattern layouts. Users can determine their optimal pattern design based on package size, product quantity, arrangement, and pallet layout and configuration. Whether your production line facility involves using cartons, bags, trays, bottles or other packaging demands a robot palletiser can normally offer a solution.