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Why Use Robots in Manufacturing?

Why Use Robots in Manufacturing?

Employee Safety

Robots protect workers from repetitive, mundane, and dangerous tasks while creating more desirable jobs, such as production management, engineering programming, and equipment maintenance.

Consistent Approach

Once programmed robots will repeat a given task millions of times. They will not get distracted, need tea breaks or request a holiday. Automation is far more reliable than utilising human labour.


Robots are programmed to carry out precise, repetitive motion and are therefore far less likely to make mistakes. Eliminating the possibility of human error.


Robots can perform tasks at a given speed consistently. They work all the time and are not affected by human emotions. They will not feel stress due to high-pressure deadlines or meeting seemly impossible standards.

Employees Role

Since robots are often assigned to perform tasks that people do not particularly enjoy, menial work, repetitive motion, or dangerous jobs. Robots need people for monitoring and supervision. They offer opportunities for employees to undertake more fulfilling roles within the company. Developing new skills and the potential for advancement.

Implementation Costs

Adopting robots in the workplace is becoming far more common. Once purely found in large industrial plants, robots’ costs have steadily reduced making it a viable option for smaller-scale operations where improvement in production efficiency is sought.